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Our Perspective of Children

The Early Years Daycare Centre believes children are competent, capable of complex thinking, curious and rich in potential. Children are intrinsically motivated to learn and when provided with enriched environments, nurturing adult interactions, support and the freedom to explore, they can become self-motivated learners.

Our understanding of children has evolved over time and is influenced by ongoing research, experience, collaboration with families and community partners. The ability to adapt and change has allowed The Early Years Daycare Centre to be responsive and flexible with program opportunities for children and families.

Supporting children’s social and emotional growth is at the forefront of our work. Our trained, caring and nurturing staff encourage children’s social and emotional development, knowing that these are key foundational skills for success later in life. Role modeling, full engagement in children’s play, and environments that are constructed with social and emotional health in mind, are just a few of the ways we do this.

Families come in various shapes and sizes and with a great number of strengths. Parents are children’s first and most important teachers, and always want what is best for their children.  We believe in the capacity of parents to raise resilient, healthy, successful people, but we were never meant to raise children alone. The Early Years Daycare Centre wants to become part of the support system of families need to assist with the important work of parenting. We recognize that parents are the experts of their children and know them best. We work hard to create a safe, warm and inviting place for families to learn and grow together. Parents are always welcome to participate, share, network and get involved at The Early Years Daycare Centre.

Our Philosophy

The early years of one’s childhood only happens once in a lifetime. At The Early Years Daycare Centre believe that we need to make each one of those moments count.  These years are the stepping-stones to what can be a healthy and loving life.  A child learns more between birth and the age of six than they learn in their entire lifetime. This is a crucial time when their foundation is created. Our child care system is built upon various philosophies.  We have adopted some Montessori methods and Reggio inspired approaches in addition to our own system developed with over 20 years of experience in the field of child care. Montessori’s philosophy states that when a child works at his/her own pace they strive toward independence. They motivate themselves to learn and develop the skills needed to create concentration and determination. The Reggio Project Approach states that children are natural scholars eager to learn.  This approach involves working on relevant and relatable projects collectively and in small groups with other students.  Teachers relate the project to practical life skills.  This allows the student to express their knowledge through drawing, words, music and so forth. Moreover, the nature of the group activity challenges the student and allows him/her to develop emotionally and intellectually. The Early Years’ philosophy stresses a three-point system that we believe will allow your child to put their best foot forward and further instill a sense of comfort and confidence in their continued pursuit of education.

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